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Facebook Addiction

Hi. I’m Marla. Gimme a Minute. No really, I’m only going to take a minute of your time. I want to talk to you about Facebook.

If you have one, and use it regularly, you can actually zone out now, I’m not really talking to you. You already get me. I’m talking to everyone else. Those of you who either don’t have a Facebook page, or have one and don’t use it, or had one and cancelled it.

Come closer. I just want to tell you that I wish I had your discipline. I have to admit, I checked my page three times while I was writing this and then again just before I started recording. I’m addicted! I have heard that admitting you have a problem is halfway to recovery, but there are no FaceBookAddicts Anonymous groups that I’m aware of.

I haven’t lost my job yet, my kids still have milk in the fridge and cereal in the cupboard, but I’m starting to worry about my lack of self constraint. I mean, sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night, I check the chat room. And then.

If friends are on line, I click off right away, as if it were some computer glitch that made it look like I was on line, but really wasn’t. If no one is on line, which is rare, I change my status in the middle of the night. Then, the first thing I do when the alarm goes off is check it again to see if anyone left a comment.

I need help.

I’m Marla. Thanks for listening. See ya!

One response to “Facebook Addiction

  1. Lisa (Woman Wielding Words) June 19, 2011 at 11:22 am

    The first step is admitting you have a problem. 🙂

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