Marla's Gimme a Minute

I Only Need 60 Seconds!

Bellingham Farmer’s Market

Hi.  I’m Marla.  Gimme a Minute.  No really, I’m only going to take a minute of your time.  I want to talk to you about the Bellingham Farmer’s Market. 

Where else can you find Farmers, Flowers, Crafters, Service Providers, Prepared Food and great Entertainment, within a city square block, close to bus lines, bike lanes and walking trails?  Since 1993, Bellingham has hosted the Saturday market from 10am to 3pm at the corner of Railroad Ave and Chestnut, and the Wednesday market from 12-5pm at the Fairhaven Green.  The Saturday Market starts the first Saturday in April and runs through December.  The Wednesday market starts in June and runs through September. 

I have heard that our farmer’s market is becoming a tourist attraction, but unlike the Empire State Building and the Golden Gate Bridge, I would say that this market is more about the locals than the tourists.  Sure, it’s a place to gift shop, but that’s not all there is to do.  The market is a place to hang out, enjoy music, read, and eat.  And eat.  You can plan to rendezvous with friends, run into friends you haven’t seen for a while, and make new friends.  It’s a place to try new and freshly prepared foods, get recipes for new and untried fresh vegetables, and enjoy fresh baked goods and fresh flowers. 

The season begins with the traditional tossing of the cabbage at 10AM on the first Saturday in April.   I am proud to say, I have missed the cabbage toss only once.

I’m usually there at some point every Saturday.  I hope to see you there.  I’m Marla.  Thanks for listening.  See ya!


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