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Facebook Etiquette –Chatting

Hi.  I’m Marla.  Gimme a Minute.  No really, I’m only going to take a minute of your time.  This is one of four segments on Facebook Etiquette.  Today, I want to talk to you about Facebook Chatting Etiquette. 

 I’m a Facebook addict.  Who better  to point out what’s rude and what’s polite when it comes to Facebook chatting?  No one.  So let’s get to it. 

You might have seen this happen when you are on line.  All of a sudden, a pop up window appears on the lower corner of your screen.  A Facebook Friend has said hi, or hey, are you busy, or what are you doing? You get to decide if you want to respond or not.  Here is the Rule.  You are under no obligation to reply.  It is ok to ignore this intrusion.  No one can see you sitting at your computer staring at the pop up chat box, agonizing over the decision to answer back or not. Unless they’re sitting across the room from you, and that’s just creepy and annoying.   For all they know, you could be away from your desk.  Or on the phone.  Or your facebook window could be minimized. Yeah right.

If you hate facebook chatting all together, you can turn your chat to “offline.”  Then no one knows you’re even on facebook. This is useful if your boss uses facebook. You wouldn’t want your employer to know you were playing on the computer during work hours would you?

I’m Marla.  Thanks for listening.  See ya!

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