Marla's Gimme a Minute

I Only Need 60 Seconds!

Shopping for Food

Hi. I’m Marla. Gimme a Minute. Really, I’m only gonna take a minute. I want to talk to you about food.

Well, shopping for food.

I have a love hate relationship with grocery stores. Sometimes I can get into my Zen and go up and down every aisle, looking for that certain cereal, that perfect pasta or a yummy yogurt.

When I hate going to the grocery store is when I just need to scoot in to pick up one thing I need to finish that one thing I started to cook or bake at home. I know, I should check I have all of my ingredients before I start. But I am impulsive. I get halfway through a recipe and find out I need one egg, a half cup of sugar, or chocolate. Who runs out of chocolate?

Once I’ve determined what I’m missing, I focus, get my act together, check the food ads from earlier in the week to figure out which store is having the sale on whatever I need, and oh by the way, also plan to pick up the other stuff on sale that I want at the same time.

And being impulsive carries over once I am in the grocery store, and now it’s been an hour and remember, I had already started cooking something.

And how many times have you done this…you go to the store for one thing and that’s the thing you forget. Yeah, I forgot the chocolate.

I’m Marla. Thanks for listening. See ya.

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