Marla's Gimme a Minute

I Only Need 60 Seconds!

The Big 100

Hi I’m Marla. Gimme a Minute. Oh, wait, today, I get 100 seconds. In honor of this being the 100th episode of Experience Northwest, they gave me 100 seconds to talk today.

Wow. I could slow down to a normal speed. Naaa. 100 seconds. That’s a lot of time. That’s a lot of possible information. I could talk to you about, well, hmmmm…….

100 episodes. I guess I can talk to you about the number 100. Here are some random facts about the number 100… it is the Sum of the 1st four cube numbers, the Sum of the 1st ten odd numbers, and the Sum of the 1st nine prime numbers. Isn’t that fascinating?

I went to my trusty internet and looked up what else it means, this 100. For example, It’s the number of years in a century. But you knew that. Did you know “The First Hundred Days” is an arbitrary benchmark of a President of the United States’ performance at the beginning of his or her term? Of course you did. Did you know it’s the number of tiles in a standard Scrabble set. That I didn’t.

100 episodes. 100 is an important number. On the internet, you can find a website of the 100 most often words misspelled, and misspelled is one of them. You can also find a website of the 100 greatest kid’s TV shows which, interestingly enough, includes Sesame Street, Teletubbies and The Simpsons, but does not include Barney or the Jetsons.

When a TV series reaches 100 episodes, did you know they can be sold and seen in syndication. You know, like Matlock, the Rockford Files, Cheers and other shows regularly seen here on KVOS.

When a person reaches the ripe old age of 100, sometimes they get lucky and Willard Scott wishes them a happy birthday on the Today Show. When I turn 100, the last thing I’m gonna do is wake up that early just to watch TV. If Willard Scott wants to wish me a happy birthday, he can either send me a card or leave me a voice mail. 100 episodes.

A lot of blood sweat and tears went into each of these shows too I bet. And Deb Slater looks none the worse for wear, let me tell you. Congratulations, Experience Northwest, Deb Slater and KVOS.

Thanks for watching. And thanks for listening. I’m Marla. See ya.


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