Marla's Gimme a Minute

I Only Need 60 Seconds!

Bellingham Celebrities

Hi. I’m Marla. Gimme a Minute. No really, I’m only going to take a minute. I want to talk to you about Bellingham celebrities.

Bellebrities. And what it takes to be one. Stalking.
Let me be clear I do not condone stalking, in the true sense of the word. That is, the kind of stalking that’s annoying, pestering, or doing anything that could lead to due process. No stealing garbage, taking pictures from behind bushes or peeking in windows.
That being said, sometimes my way of “paying attention” has been called stalking, and it scares people. Not by the people I stalk, but by the people who think I stalk.

For instance, I pay attention to the various media reports about movers and shakers in my hometown. I’m talking about people who do great things, just because, and not for financial reward or recognition. These are the Bellebrities. And then, if I am lucky enough to I meet a Bellebrity face to face, I usually bring up some random factoid about them, which is apparently unnerving.
I’m harmless. I have never gone through someone’s trash, grabbed a used water glass from a restaurant or followed them home.
So, to review, you don’t have to hold a political office, own a business, volunteer everywhere, emcee numerous fund raisers, play music all over town, act or direct in community theatre, or host a local TV show. To be a Bellebrity, you just have to be an amazing wonderful person , and do incredible things to make Whatcom County a great place to live. And I’ll find you.
I’m Marla. Thanks for listening. See ya!

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