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Did The Internet Kill Manners Or Were Manners Already Dead

This minute was submitted by Elizabeth Bowles in response to a contest Call For Topics this past summer.

Hi. I’m Marla. I’m Giving this Minute to Elizabeth Bowles. The topic? Did the internet kill manners, or were manners already dead.

My internet use started via e-mail. At first I was checking it once a day, then twice a day. Now thanks to broadband, my email might be open all day long. So how do people contact each other? Recently I received an email, a facebook message, a facebook CHAT message from one person asking me the same question. I wasn’t sure which one to answer.

I once got three emails from one person within four hours, each one increasingly insistent because I didn’t immediately respond to the first one. Really? Was someone bleeding? Dying? No. Relax.

Greeting card companies have made it simple. We take the easy, slash, lazy road for birthdays anniversaries and thank yous, with free e-cards. All that “save the planet, use electronic media” stuff makes it socially acceptable. Personally I love old fashioned, formal wedding invitations. But multiple sheets stuffed in an envelope? What a waste of paper. Recently my daughter got an e-vite to a wedding. An E-vite!! Ok, so it saves paper and stamps, but where ‘s the extra effort and special touch in that?..

Truly, manners were already dying, the internet simply dug the hole and pushed manners in, without so much as an “excuse me pardon me.” Veiled in a shroud of enabling instant communication, the internet has “disabled” talking face to face, or even on the phone. And don’t get me started on texting.
I’m Marla. Thanks for listening. And thanks Bet. See ya!


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