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New Year’s Resolutions

Hi.  I’m Marla.  Gimme a Minute.  I want to talk to you about making New Year’s Resolutions.  Most of the time, they fail.  Not that I want you to fail…Of course not.  I want you to be successful and happy.  But here’s the thing… can’t know and appreciate winning until you’ve lost.  You won’t be grateful for what you have unless you start with nothing.  And before you hear “yes” you will probably hear a whole lotta “no.”  I personally don’t make resolutions anymore.

Last year, during my annual New Year’s Day trek around Lake Padden, I had to come up with the best thing that happened to me during the previous year, as well as my biggest regret….  I encourage you to try it.  So throughout this past year, as things would happen in my life, I would wonder how I would look at that event now….at the end of the year…whether it was going to be something I would regret or the best thing that happened.

So, in the spirit of full disclosure, I will tell you I had a lot of great things happen this past year, but probably the best thing that happened is that I was let go from a job I had had for four years.  And my biggest regret?  …I guess that would be that I didn’t take fuller advantage of being unemployed when I could.  But overall, looking at this past year I am so very grateful to Deb Slater, KVOS, and you…..I’m Marla.  Thanks for Listening.  See ya.

2 responses to “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Spike December 28, 2010 at 2:14 pm

    And we’re greatful to YOU!

    BTW, loving that gold blouse! BLING!

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