Marla's Gimme a Minute

I Only Need 60 Seconds!

To Tell the Truth

Hi I’m Marla.  I wanna talk to you about telling the truth. 

For some people, telling the truth is clearing the air, standing up for what feels right, being honest.

For others, it would be admitting failure, breaking trust, and potentially hurting the feelings of another person.

And still others are completely incapable of telling the truth.  I’m not sure they know what the truth is.

Remember that episode of Star Trek where they mess with the androids by telling them that Spock always lies. Then Spock says “I’m lying”  And the androids’ heads blow up.

Yeah, that’s what it’s like when a pathological liar tells you anything.  You never know what to believe.

I like telling the truth because, when repeating the truth later, it won’t change.

A lie is made up, fabricated, pretend.  That mess is hard to remember.  So if it needs to be repeated, chances are “facts” are gonna be forgotten, or mixed up from the first telling.  This is not to say that creative answering is not acceptable.

For example, the correct answers to “do these pants make me look fat?” “Do you like the dinner I made for you?” could be either yes or no.

But, another option could be “are those new pants? ”  Or  “Did it take a long time to cook?”  Thereby deflecting the questions with another question.

In case you ask, I almost always tell the truth.

Almost  is the absolute truth, and I almost always answer a question truthfully.

I’m Marla.  Thanks for listening.

And that’s the truth.

See ya.


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