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Graduation Gifts

Hi. I’m Marla.  Gimme a minute.  I wanna talk to you about graduation gifts.

It’s that time of year.  Graduation ceremonies are in the air,  from college, high school, and as I recall, even ceremonies to move from kindergarten to first grade.  By the time you see this Minute, I will have graduated from high school three times, once for myself, and once for each of my children.

Believe me, it does not get easier.

Senior year of high school was filled with reading, reports, all nighters, hanging out with friends, shopping for dress up clothes for special events and realizing that life was changing, moving forward, and there was no way to slow it down and savor the moments.

And my kid was busy too.

So now we’re faced with graduation, and the question arises, how do I, the parent, the friend of the parent, or friend of the person graduating, acknowledge this feat, this once in a lifetime event, in an appropriate, affordable and unforgettable way.

Pop Tarts.

This food was an occasional staple in my home for my kids and their friends… not the only snack we provided, but once in a while, the snack that carried them from the after school pick up to the after school activity, the snack they enjoyed while doing homework, or to reward themselves for finishing.

The message of the Pop Tart is simple….for the past 12 years, more or less, I have tried to provide you with everything you needed, and occasionally the things you wanted.

Good luck, good health, good job.  I’m Marla, thanks for listening.  See ya.


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