Marla's Gimme a Minute

I Only Need 60 Seconds!


Hi. I’m Marla.  Gimme a minute.  I wanna talk to you about multitasking.  Not doing laundry and dishes at home, or answering email and the phone at work.  I mean, when you go to a play, a movie or a concert, do you read, knit, check your email, play a video game or text?

Can people really absorb information AT THE SAME TIME as they do stuff like that to keep their hands busy?

I recently attended a live event where the person next to me was knitting.  It bothered me that she was knitting while I was attentively listening.

Ok, full disclosure, the knitting mostly bugged me because she kept bumping me with one of the needles.

But then I started thinking…where is the line?  I mean, if she was at home watching TV or something she might be knitting.  If she was at a concert in the park, she might even have a book.  But what if you had to buy tickets?  Would it be ok then?

In my humble opinion, unless you’re at an indoor venue where the performance is background, pay attention.

GENERALLY….if it’s an outdoor event, it’s ok to bring knitting, or hand sewing or something like that.  When you’re at an indoor event and you read, knit or text in the performance space, it’s rude to the performer.  Ok, If you MUST, don’t sit where the speaker can see you.

Either way, please sit far enough away from me, so you don’t hit me with your knitting needles.

I’m Marla.  Thanks for listening.  See ya.


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