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Order Up!

Hi I’m Marla.  Gimme a Minute.  I wanna talk to you about going out to eat.  Why is it so hard to get what you want, or not get what you don’t want.

When I order food, you know I always ask if the dish comes with cilantro, and if so, I ask if they can please leave it off.  If they can’t (or won’t), don’t you think the server should say so right away? Or come back from the kitchen immediately if the cook says my preference is not possible.

The other evening, after ordering my dinner specifically, the server came back and asked me if I was allergic to cilantro or if I just didn’t like it.  What the hell does that matter?  I told her I was allergic.

There’s a particular lunch restaurant near where I work, and they have a steak salad on the menu.  I’ve ordered it three times.

The first time, I ordered the steak cooked Medium, and the steak came back VERY cooked and brown.  I figured their “medium” was more on the well-done side, so the next time, I ordered it medium rare.  It came back MOOING.  My friend Julian would have loved it.

So the last time I went in there, it will probably be the last time, I ordered VERY SPECIFICALLY.  BETWEEN MEDIUM AND MEDIUM RARE, I LIKE THE MEAT PINK, I told the waiter, NOT BROWN, AND NOT RED.

It came back…..brown, and chewy and dry like dust.

I should just stick with tuna.

Thanks for Listening.  See ya.


2 responses to “Order Up!

  1. The Foodie Affair March 5, 2012 at 11:12 am

    I hate leaving a restaurant disappointed!! I don’t get the lack of attention to the details of the “professionals”. Frustrating!

  2. Lizzette Baswell March 28, 2012 at 2:03 am

    This blog is containing a fastidious data of comic YouTube movies, I liked it a lot.

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