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Pass The Hat

I wanna talk to you about Pass-The-Hat.

Imagine. A mother answers a frantic phone call..

A car accident.

Her younger son is in the hospital, her oldest son has been killed. The motorist responsible fled the scene. There’s no under-insured motorist insurance, but there are Hospital and ambulance bills, funeral expenses, and more.

When most of us hear of these types of events in our community, we want to help, but maybe we can’t help much. The mission of Pass The Hat is to help families that are victims of tragic events.

Our partner agencies, the American Red Cross and United Way, can’t fill the great need in our community to provide financial relief..

When we hear these stories, sometimes our community attempts to rally around a family. We create a fund at a local bank, or organize events to raise money. For every scenario like that, there are other misfortunes that receive no public attention – some families face heartbreaking tragedies and slip through the cracks without help.

Pass The Hat can put an end to that, and can empower people to become involved in philanthropy by making it accessible and affordable to everyone.  How, you may ask? No one person gives more than $2 a month.  The way to “give” more is to sign up, then get everyone you know to do the same.The more people, the more impact YOUR $2 makes.


Let’s lift these families up.

Let’s make a difference.

Let’s Pass The Hat.  Thanks for listening, see ya.

You can contact us at

Pass The Hat

PO Box 2478

Bellingham, WA 98227

(360) 303-3590


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