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Evolve Chocolate Truffles – Gimme A Minute

Hi. I’m Marla. Gimme a Minute. I wanna talk to you about one of my favorite things. Chocolate. Not just any chocolate. I’m talking about the artisan delectables of Evolve Truffles.

These locally sourced, chef skilled and love inspired treats are, in a word, phenomenal.

Christy is a chef by trade and Shannon is a Gourmet Cook & Creative Director. Together, they created this loving joint venture… Evolve Chocolate Truffles…. based on their joyous love and named for the evolution that it took for them to find each other.

Christy and Shannon are currently serving more than two dozen variations of truffle creations. These include Florals. Spices. Liqueurs. Pacific Northwest – Hometown Bounty, and the newest addition, a Local Collaboration of Alchemy, their craft microbrew line of truffles.

They find their greatest pleasure is in helping a new customer experience that “AHA” moment that often happens to first-timers. Previously faded Memories are aroused, due to the sensual quality of each of the different varieties of truffles.




Each truffle contains three distinct and complimentary flavors.

Simplicity, Community Collaboration. Friendship.

And Chocolate.

Years ago, someone had said to Christy, “When are you going to quit making other people’s dreams come true?”

While Christy and Shannon are making their dreams come true, they are making mine come true too.

Try one. All you need is love…and truffles.

Evolve Chocolate Truffles. Taste what you’ve been missing.

I’m Marla.Thanks for listening. See ya.


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