Marla's Gimme a Minute

I Only Need 60 Seconds!

Unasked for Advice

Hi. I’m Marla.  I wanna talk to you about un-asked for advice.    It always seems to happen at the wrong time…. You have some crisis in your life, and you need support, a listening ear, just to get frustration or hurt out of your system, and you tell a friend or you post it on your Facebook page (as if that’s ever a good idea)  and then, the world seems to explode with friends and strangers making suggestions, telling you what you should do or should have done.

Or, your make the simple mistake of asking yourself a question, but say it out loud.  And suddenly  it seems like the entire free world is telling you which doctor to see, or stay away from, where to go on vacation, what color to paint your bedroom, what kind of pots and pans to buy, what kind of toothpaste to use, or where to go get coffee.

I mean, what the hell, who made your random collection of friends experts on anything??  As if they could ever make it all better right?

And all you wanted to do was get whatever it was off your chest.  You weren’t asking for advice, right?

Here’s a sure-fire way to protect yourself from that happening to you again.

Quit complaining.

Quit ranting.  Get new friends who don’t want to fix everything.

But then, you didn’t ask me, did you?

I’m Marla Thanks for listening, see ya!


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