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Domestic Violence Awareness Month

I’m Marla. GimmeAMinute. I wanna talk to you about Domestic Violence.

Nina Liebman Donney and Veronica Vernon. These women, like Nicole Brown Simpson and Erin Corwin, were victims of Domestic Violence. They were each murdered by their intimate partners. Nicole and Erin’s stories made the national news. Nina’s and Veronica’s did not.
They were each horrible and sad and tragic, yet I reacted drastically differently. I had a personal connection to Nina and Veronica. We were long time friends. We lived in the same town for years. I hugged them. Like Nicole and Erin, they can never again hug their children, families, or friends.
I’m not going to spew DV statistics at you, because you know them, and I don’t need to tell you.
I’m not going to debate whether men are also victims of DV. I know they are, that’s not my point.
What I want to tell you, is that the cycle of violence is hypnotic, addicting, and tragically pervasive. The Pursuit, Honeymoon phase, tension building, and explosive episode, remorse, pursuit. Sometimes it’s a slow cycle, sometimes fast. Some parts of the arc are short, long, invisible. Maybe you knew that.
I hope you never experience a personal loss due to Domestic Violence. And if you have, well, I don’t need to tell you, it’s time.
Please reach out for help if you need it, or reach back to an outstretched hand. I’m Marla. Thanks for listening.



WHATCOM COUNTY                  360-715-1563 or 877-715-1563

WASHINGTON STATE               1-800-562-6025

NATIONAL DV HOTLINE          1-800-799-7233 | 1-800-787-3224 (TTY)


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