Marla's Gimme a Minute

I Only Need 60 Seconds!


Thanks to my dear friend Gail who wrote the text for this Minute and it CRACKED ME UP when I heard it in my head.  I could not do it justice, but I did it just the same…just for you this New Year.  Namaste!

Minute Text


I wanna talk to you about meditation.

Now breathe with me, inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale.
‘you are a leaf upon the current…
I Wonder if I’m a hawthorn leaf? I don’t think many people actually like hawthorn trees…I never knew what a hawthorn even was until I had one in my backyard.
‘you are a leaf upon the current.

‘I’m a leaf…relax…think nothing…I’m a leaf…I’m drifting on the current…why do I always have to pee when I start to try to meditate
Right…the leaf…man…I need to spend this weekend doing yard work…(who am I kidding? I won’t do that. )

‘drifting on the current…’
Yeah…I’m drifting…I’m drifting…

ugh. Yard work. One time I was outside by the hawthorn tree and I got a whole bunch of these sweet green little flies in my hair. I don’t think they were hurting the tree, I think they’re feeding off the bugs that are bad for the tree, so I try to not bother them. But stay out of my house, or all bets are off and I’ll go after them with whatever it takes. I hate those green little flies…oh, my GOD–will you just BE the FRICKIN’ LEAF, already?!’
I was finished, anyway.

Meditation can be for crap.

I’m Marla. Thanks Gail, and thanks for Listening, See ya.




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