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I’m from California, I know how to drive.  I was driving Roundabouts in Berkeley before the ones in my home town were even placed in front of the planning commission.  But people don’t know when to enter, which lane and even, simply enough, which direction to go.  Pay attention.  The life you safe may be your own, because if you hit my car, I may hurt you.


I wanna talk to you about roundabouts. You know, those things that are built to be safe and efficient, but take weeks, sometimes months of orange cones, road construction and slow downs? There are still people over the age of 30 who can’t figure out how to enter a roundabout, which lane to use, and on occasion, which direction to go. Let me explain how roundabouts work, because apparently there are many MANY who do not know. In the old days, if you wanted to make a left turn, you turned left. Here’s why people get confused. The direction of travel in a Roundabout is counter-clockwise. Yield to drivers in the roundabout…Stay in your lane; do not change lanes…Do not stop in the roundabout…Avoid driving next to oversize vehicles. Always Please share this information with those otherwise uninformed of the workings of a roundabout. Basic rule of thumb, When entering a roundabout, the main reason to look to your left, is NOT to see if you have enough time to jut out into the circle and slow the path of traffic. Be patient. I’m Marla. Thanks for listening. See ya. And Drive Carefully!


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