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Hell Week

Hi I’m Marla.  Gimme a Minute.  I wanna talk to you about Hell weekIf you’ve ever been involved with theater, you know what I’m talking about.

Hell week is the seven day period before the play opens, when the final set, costumes, lights, makeup, hair and blocking, gets to be solidified, placed, practiced and tweaked.

The week is filled with Short tempers and long rehearsals.  High hopes and low expectations.  Hell week is the time when actors usually get sick, lose their voice, show up with a fever, a big zit, break up with their partner, or have a big project due at school or work.  The week includes angst, frustration, and frequent panic attacks.

It does not include chores, regular meals, or sleep.  Can I just say, Hell week is not so much fun….that’s why it’s called hell..

You might ask, why do anything intentionally that involves a week of Hell?  That, my friend is the question of the ages.  I can only say, having had the positions of actor, director, costume designer and stage manager on a multitude of shows, Hell week cannot be avoided or ignored.

But here is the good news.

With every little bit of Hell week, the sun will shine again.  The worse the week, the better the opening.  At least, that’s what helps me get through it.

That, and having a lot of faith and trust in the process.

I’m Marla, Thanks for listening.  See ya.


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